The 7 Habits of a Spirit-filled Christian

This must be the desire of every Christian while waiting for the Lord’s coming: to be one of the wise virgins with lamps constantly burning, carrying ample supply of oil that will last until the Bridegroom comes (Mat. 25). For a man or woman who does not have the Spirit of Christ is none of His (Rom. 8: 9).

The 7 Habits of a Spirit-filled Christian 

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Rom. 10: 17)

Our church, The Jesus Church (JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY), has three worship services every week:

Sundays – 10AM to 5PM

Wednesdays – 3PM to 8PM

Friday Overnight – 8:30PM to 4:30AM of Saturday

I believe we have the longest worship services. The program consists of the following: two hours congregational singing ( one hour for joyful songs, one hour for solemn songs); testimonies interspersed with singing from the different choirs; giving; preaching of the Gospel; altar call; mass healing; and lastly, closing prayer.

It is when the whole congregation is gathered together in faith to worship the Lord and lift up His name with songs of praise and declaring His miracles and mighty deeds that His Holy Presence descends and fills each worshiper to joy overflowing.

Additional reading: Temple of the Living God – discusses about the importance of always being filled with the Holy Spirit.

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’s name is to be praised. (Psalm 113: 3)

In our Church’s pastoral houses, fasting houses, and in our own homes, we sing praises to the Lord, morning and evening. In the pastoral and fasting houses, morning praise and worship is from 6AM to 3PM, joyful and solemn songs sung alternately non-stop. Evening praise and worship is from 6PM to 10PM. This is the daily schedule except in the days where there is worship service. The schedule is then adjusted.

Because of this fervent praising, worshiping, praying and fasting, miracles of healing and other mighty deeds are wrought by God in the Church through His Spirit which works in us.

Additional readings: Who Fights Your Battles?; What Moves God?

Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. (Psalm 55: 17)

Start the day praising and worshiping God, and presenting our supplications through our fervent prayers, and end it in the same manner.

Additional reading on prayerfulness: To Be Christ-like: Prayerful – the Lord Jesus Christ is our perfect model in being prayerful – a must-read :-).

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. (Mat. 17: 21)

Additional readings on prayer and fasting: Powerful Prayers: Daniel; More Faith, More Power; Love Begets Miracle

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. (Psalm 1: 2)

The best we can do with this life that has been given us is to know God’s Word, to believe in it, keep it secure in our hearts, and obey and live it out all the days of our lives ~ taken from my article The Words of the Lord.

Additional reading: When Our Calls Are Urgent

I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed. (Psalm 119: 46)

The Lord Jesus warns us that if we deny Him before men, He will also deny us before the Father in heaven (Mat. 10: 33). We can show our deep gratitude to the Lord by declaring all His wonderful deeds that He has wrought in our lives: how He has changed us, how he has restored our health and our families, and how He has blessed us abundantly.

Additional resource: Minister of Mercy – a treasure trove of God’s miracles and mighty deeds.

This is the great commission.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16: 15)

Additional readings: The Cost of Following Christ (with a link to The Victorious Mindanao Peace Mission where the Gospel was brought to the Abbu Sayyaf – a very dangerous mission); Beautiful Feet {What Love Really Means}; Easter is for Prayer, Fasting and Crusades

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. (Heb. 12: 14)

To live in holiness – heart, mind, body – that is reflected in the way we present ourselves.

I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propreity, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God. (1 Tim. 2: 9-10 NIV)

Additional reading: The Way of the Righteous

You might also want to visit our Church’s website:

May God bless you more and more, my beloved JMCIM brethren and kind friends!

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Journey with Jesus,

3 comments on “The 7 Habits of a Spirit-filled Christian

  1. Excellent. We use to have a long service as well. It was incredible to say the least. God is so rich and powerful. We fall short of all He has to offer. I thank you for these points shared.

  2. Love how you put this post together. A great read. Simple truths. Practical ways to follow.

  3. Nick says:

    You have a God given wisdom Praise the Lord for his mercy endures forevermore…………….God Bless You Bel Sis Ate Rina…..

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