About Me

The things about me that the world would have found interesting are all in the past: a licensed chemical engineer who put up her own chemicals company at age 30; built her own office building with applications lab after 3 years; traveled; married then had an adorable daughter; separated and got lost.

That all happened in the span of 5 years. At the peak of my career and sin, God entered in and my life was turned upside down. He did these:

Took away my health and strength; I could no longer work.

Brought me to His feet. I willingly surrendered. I needed Him so.

He restored my marriage and family.

He tried and tested and taught me over and over I thought it would never end. I’m amazed that I’m still alive!

He healed me partially. Gave me another child, a son.

Tried, tested and taught me again. Then He blessed me to write.

So, here in this shabby place of mine where I share my God, my soul, and our life – we meet. It’s my constant prayer that I will be of help to you in your journey of faith. An encouragement, an inspiration, or a light perhaps, by the wonderful grace of God? Or, maybe you’re seeking Him and need someone to lead you to Him and to His truth? I pray that you will allow me to be that someone. But I know I can also learn a lot from you, so I hope you’ll share a portion of your heart and thoughts with me as well?

As I have mentioned above, I no longer have a career, a title, and the company that I used to lead is now under the capable hands of my beloved husband. I’m not a New York Times bestselling author. The book I wrote and published in 2009, Walking Along the Narrow Path: A Story of Redemption, Healing, and Restoration, was mostly given out to family, friends, and whoever wanted to know about the God who mercifully saves and unconditionally loves. I was told a copy of it was passed on from one patient’s hand to another in a U.S. hospital where a cousin worked.

What I have now is an exhilarating life with God, a family that loves Him dearly, a home to keep, and readers to minister to, and of course, the many precious lessons I gained from my fiery trials and my relentless pursuit of God. From this spiritual place, I write for you.

Fun fact about me: I love to bake and make ice cream, and my family just loves to gather around the table to eat and chatter :).

Meet my family.

Felix, Rina, Hannah, Tim

Read more of my testimony here:

One comment on “About Me

  1. Jhonee says:

    Praise the Lord, im so blessed to read your blog which inspire for many believers. have a blessed day and more power to you. God Bless

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