Sing Unto the Lord

What shall we render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward us?

I say, “Sing!” Sing in thanksgiving. Sing in adoration. Sing even before we receive. Sing believing we already have what we pray for.

Sing until the Lord delivers us from our enemies (those things and circumstances that come to try us). Sing until our Jerichos crumble down and we can walk through. Sing until the scant bread and fish are multiplied abundantly by Jehovah-Jireh.

Sing while we are in the deep until the Lord brings us safely to shore. Sing while we thirst in the desert until the Lord opens the rock and water gushes out and we drink to the full.

Around the time that Hannah and I started our Bible Study at home, her eyes began blinking. Then she complained of blurry vision. We decided that she see an eye specialist. It was found out that she had 100/25 vision. Her right eye had the poorer vision. She needed to wear glasses, and according to the doctor, these would be permanent.

I was really sad about it. I didn’t want that she would be wearing glasses the rest of her life. I was scared, too, to think that it might get worse. But I depended on the Lord. I have learned to run to Him to seek His help. Always.

In the night, I rise to sing to Him. I pray, begging Him to heal my daughter’s eyes. I cry to Him. He promised He will in no way turn away all who come to Him (John 6: 37).

About two weeks passed and Hannah and I were settling down for our Bible Study, and I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her glasses. I reminded her to get them before we start. She told me that the Lord is gradually healing her eyes. She said her vision is clear even without the glasses.

I was amazed at what she disclosed to me: about feeling the Lord’s presence whenever she feels a “squeeze”, like a tight hug. She feels the “squeeze” especially when she is sick, and after that, she would be well. And she believes that it is the Lord.

She said that she had been praying to the Lord to heal her eyes, asking Him to squeeze her again. And the Lord is healing her eyes. Tears of gratitude spilled out of mine.

Now she can read without her glasses. Halleluiah!

That’s why I sing. I have no other light but the Lord Jesus Christ. No other source of strength.

This weekend, may we consider learning a new song for the Lord and singing it to Him with all that is in us?

O sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto the Lord, all the earth. (Psalm 96: 1)

I pray that we, too, would feel a “squeeze” 🙂 from the Lord and all that needs healing in us will be touched by the Healer’s hand. Amen.

Additional resource: My Song List

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9 comments on “Sing Unto the Lord

  1. Lisa Maria says:

    Rina, this is an amazing testimony.. thank you for sharing all that God is doing in your life. I have also spent the past two years praying for my youngest daughter who we were told showed symptoms of ADHD and language reception problems. As we prayed, her montessori teacher started seeing signs of improvement and this has continued.. Praise God! She even passed an assessment to get into school after failing it the first time.. prayer is powerful and God so faithful! Even though she is still quite hyperactive, we see signs of improvement all the time and know that God is working on the problem.


    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you for sharing your testimony here, Lisa Maria. Yes, God is faithful, we only need to be diligent in seeking His face and not grow faint in our prayers.
      So thankful to the Lord for all His wonderful works!

  2. Pamela says:

    So happy to read of your daughters healing. May our God be praised!


  3. Charlotte says:

    What a wonderful outcome for your faith and prayers. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Isn’t it wonderful when God touches the needs of our children! Thanks for sharing. I have been praying and thinking on the very thought of singing myself. That’s what made me stop by from Titus 2 link up. Have a blessed week!

    • RinaPeru says:

      Hi Farmer’s Wyfe! I’ve just been to your site, but I’ve never been successful in posting comments in blogspot sites (don’t know why?). Yes, singing to the Lord brings us tremendous blessings. Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful week, too.

  5. How awesome that He answered so quickly! The Lord recently healed our daughter’s laryngitis just an hour and a half before she and her sisters were to sing at a big pre-fireworks show (I wrote about this in a blog post titled Haley’s Miracle). These divine miracles serve to strengthen our faith and trust in Him. We are still amazed!

  6. Charlotte says:

    What a great testimony! I love how she described God’s presence as a “squeeze.” That is precious!

    Charlotte/For Such A Time As This

  7. Nicole Blean says:

    Awww, thanks for the inspring post!

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