How to Truly Seek God and Live an Authentic, Christ-centered Life

Please do not think that I have it all put together in my own life. It’s true that we are so blessed to belong to a Church (Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry) that teaches and practices all biblical truth – unwavering faith, true holiness, prayer and fasting, Christ-surrendered life. But in my own faith walk, there is still a lot of learning and growing to do.

What do you truly ache for?

What is your heart deeply desiring for?

What do your prayers consist of?

Do you come to God because you believe it’s your duty?

What drives you to seek God?

These are five questions whose answers the Lord has been gently but surely guiding me to walk through lately.

Do you ache for anything in the world or do you ache to live a life that brings joy to God? Does your heart desire the things that God desires? Like the salvation of souls? Of obeying His Word and surrendering to His will? Surrendering not because you have no choice but because you delight to do His will? Has your love increased so much that you are past looking out after yourself but also for others outside of your family?

If you examine your prayers, what are the things that are foremost? Are they for the kingdom of God? What weighs heavier – prayers that are for the self or prayers that are for the things of God?

Do you hunger for the presence of God that’s why no matter how busy or how weary you are, you want to seek Him and be in His sweet, comforting presence? Do you seek Him only because you need things from His hand or because you want to be near Him, to know Him more, to feel his love surrounding, filling you, and to let this love between you and your Savior King flourish?

Ah! To be brought by the Lord to this place and walk this higher ground is unsurpassed grace! For it is only by His Spirit that one bears much fruit.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness, self-control. (Gal. 5:22-23)

By God’s grace, fasting and praying here from Sunday ’til Sunday. I pray God will use this blog to bless people around the world!

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One comment on “How to Truly Seek God and Live an Authentic, Christ-centered Life

  1. Ah, sweetheart, this stirring post is both a blessing and humbling. Thanks for linking it up this week.

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