Walking Through the Word

I posted the above photo of the beloved KJV Bible on Facebook as a giveaway to a lucky Healing Moments FB fan and “likes” poured in like a swarm of bees to the honeycomb. The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether…Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb (Psalm 19:9, 10). Honestly, I was quite taken by surprise since it is only a simple, small, hardbound copy and not a giant-print with Christ’s words in red and not leather-bound. But the pull of the Bible is never on its outside trappings but its life-giving power. And the more tattered it looks means the longer it has imparted its undying power to give life and light.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. (Mat. 24:35)

I first fell in love with the Word when, very sick and seriously fearful (nervous breakdown borderline?) baby-in-Christ, I was carried to the beloved Honorable Pastor Wilde Almeda’s tent for counseling. “Immerse yourself in the Word of God”, I was told vehemently. From that day on, I gave my heart and time to the Word. As I battled with my illness that kept me mostly in bed, my first holy Bible – a black leather-bound, giant-print with Christ’s words in red KJV Bible – was all that I held. From morning ’til afternoon, and evening ’til late at night, it was my comforting companion. I had written important notes at the pages’ margins, the great epiphanies that had renewed my mind and transformed my heart.

I rejoiced with Jacob and Esau in their reunion. The love that binds brothers – it had stayed in their veins.

Ruth captured my admiration as she exemplified a kind of love and loyalty to a — mother-in-law?

I had cheered for Hannah and learned from her how to come before the Lord, pouring out my soul. (See Powerful Prayers: Hannah)

I had wept for Saul when he fell into the hands of the living God. (See Saul’s Mistake)

My heart had surged in inexplicable powerful emotions at the soul-binding friendship of David and Jonathan.

Again, I wept for Mephibosheth, marveling at his faithfulness, waiting for King David’s return at the other side of the Jordan.

Many times I had sat with Job there on the dirt, as we listened to each others’ soul-piercing lamentations. And when he was caught up in the whirlwind and the Lord restored him at last, how I so yearned to be caught up with them in the whirlwind, too.

And Daniel, oh, that greatly beloved prophet of God! How he got so scared of Gabriel the archangel he didn’t have any strength left. And I believed that I was a beloved of God, too, and I comforted myself in imagining, eyes closed, and hearing an angel tell me, “O [Rina] greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong.” (See Powerful Prayers: Daniel)

My hope and faith greatly increased as I learned to pray King Hezekiah’s prayer, offering it as agonizingly as he did. But I’m praying and claiming to receive more than what was given him. (See Powerful Prayers: Hezekiah)

I was right beside Jairus as he listened to the servant tell him his daughter was dead. And when Jesus was quick to tell him, “Fear not. Only believe.” I embraced that, too, as mine. Oh, how I held onto it like a lifeline!

I cannot count the times that I had wished I were that woman at the well, encountering my Savior and giving me the water of life and I will never thirst again. (See Holy Encounters with Jesus: Woman at the Well)

And then it happened, I met my Savior “face-to-face” in the passages of that woman caught in adultery and was about to be stoned to death. There in the dirt, as I was slumped before Him, we met, we talked, and my heart was forever stolen by Him and my life was forever changed. I learned how to soar! His love is true liberation! (See Holy Encounters with Jesus: The Woman Caught in Adultery ~ highly recommended)

I wept for Stephen; I celebrated with the risen Tabitha; I traveled with the Apostle Paul. Oh, how I wept while the beloved brethren clung to his neck, imploring him not to go to Jerusalem for he might be killed there. I thought my heart would burst when he laid his hands on them knowing that it was the last time. But Paul’s love to Jesus and the Gospel was greater than his fear.

There weren’t a few times as the storm of pain and suffering raged on that I wished I were sucked into the pages of the Bible and meet my Savior and Healer there, just like the woman with an issue of blood who touched the hem of His garment and she was made whole. That didn’t happen but as the years went by as I continued my journey on the Bible’s passages from Genesis to Revelation and back again, the Lord has drawn me to that realm where I could drink of His holy, comforting, and healing presence. No, I needed not walk (or crawl) the narrow streets of Jerusalem just to be able to touch His garment and be healed, He was always there with me as I walked through His Word.

When I was too sick and weak I couldn’t open my eyes and hold my big Bible, I would let a maid read for me (it would be read in Tagalog). When there was nobody to read for me, I discovered Bible Gateway’s audio Bible. I would play it non-stop.

The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart…(Rom. 10:8)

In just a few years and with many pages falling off the spine, I had to rest my beloved first KJV Bible.

And now, FB friends wanted the KJV Bible. I was supposed to give away just one but since I have three, I’m giving away all three. And even though two of the recipients have not yet surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and aren’t yet worshiping Him in spirit and in truth, I know God has a perfect plan for them  as He has for me.

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8 comments on “Walking Through the Word

  1. Mary Jean says:

    PTL for your post on people in the Word. Thank you for your ministry.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you, Mary Jean. I also am so deeply grateful to the Lord for this ministry He has entrusted to me. I’m humbled, for He alone is worthy.

  2. Abigail May Palmero-Antona says:

    Praise The Mighty Name Of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!GOD is so good to us,,,The LORD never Leave us or Forsake us…Even in our Weakest Part of life HE never Failed to Love&Hear Our Prayer’s even we Suffered from illnesses&healed Our Sicknesses Through the first Prayer of Our Dearly Beloved Pastor Wilde E.Almeda the true Prophet of GOD…We thank the Lord Forever for HIS Mighty deeds,Thank you LORD for your Unfailing Love to each one of us,,,This is one of the great testimony that you’ve shared for all of us…After you suffered many trials in your life Sis.Rina this is one of the great proved that we served a True CHURCH OF GOD(JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY),,,What A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVED!!!

  3. Jenna says:

    Good morning! I am visiting from GMG’s Women in the Word Wednesday! Wonderful post 🙂


  4. Joanie Qualls says:

    Dear Rina, Wow!!! How i too identify so vividly with you & I remember the beautiful time when His Precious Word was my constant companion— showing Him to me more and more. After a life threatening brain concussion years ago, I could not use my eyes as I healed over a long period of time. The room at home that I recovered in was kept without much light and I could not use my eyes to read or write, etc. for a few weeks. So what a blessing to have been given by a dear friend and mentor, her set of records,that were used in those days. They were a vocal Bible. I laid in bed many hours of necessity, to rest and recover and listened and listened and listened to His precious Word . I still have those records and treasure them deeply .
    Your testimony brought my heart to this precious time with my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, Loving Father and Holy Spirit. It was my 2nd year of becoming a Christian and His Word continues to be precious . Words alone cannot express this completely can it.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you for sharing your precious testimony, Joanie. Indeed, God’s words are spirit and they are life. They have not only quickened our ailing bodies, they also invigorated our spirits. Praising and thanking God with you!

      Blessings in abundance,

  5. Charlotte says:

    The wise pastor gave you great advice. I’m so glad you share your faith with us on a regular basis. It is always uplifting.

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