What Can Change Our Harvest? {Mother’s Day Giveaway}

Recently, something that had happened a long time ago and one that had happened after about a decade later had visited my memory which reminded me about this verse and had me pondering on it:

…A man reaps what he sows. (Gal. 6:7)

Many years ago, a young teenager wanted so much to spend summer vacation in Manila. Her aunt who was then studying in one of the universities there acquiesced to bringing her with her when she returned for summer classes. This youngster was very industrious and intelligent. Her maturity was way beyond her youth. In her aunt’s boarding house in Manila, she helped in every way she could: go to the market, cook meals, clean, wash her aunt’s clothes which were mostly jeans and when they were wet were very heavy indeed. The youngster was regularly tall and thin.

One day, her aunt found her washing clothes in the tiny bath and comfort room. (In the Philippines back then when washing machine was a rarity, one would sit in front of a big basin where one would wash clothes. And that was the position of the youngster when her aunt came into the bathroom). She saw that two of her shirts which bled were barely touching each other. The youngster had separated them, thinking that the colors might bleed, but they might have touched without her noticing it. Though there wasn’t any damage done, her aunt picked up one piece of dripping clothing and whipped the youngster on her back with it, not just once but enough times to let hot scalding tears fall down her face, after her aunt had left. But it wasn’t only the whipping of wet clothing, but also the whipping of hurtful words that made her cry.

She had surely forgiven her shortly, even though there wasn’t any kind of remorse or apology from her aunt. For a girl who was full of hope for a bright future, unforgiveness had certainly no place in her heart. And so, soon she had forgotten about this sad event as she proceeded to pursue a career.

One day after more than a decade later, she heard sad news from her mother how her aunt (this was the aunt) was almost killed by her husband in one of their fights. Her aunt was rushed to the hospital as blood spurted from the wounds she sustained in the violent hands of her husband. He hit her with a dinner plate until it broke in her flesh. Years later, they finally separated when the husband brought home another woman.

Thinking about it now, I believe the aunt didn’t deserve such cruelty. But who knows what would come of us when we are separate from the love of God? When we sow cruelty, what shall we reap but cruelty also?

But there is one thing that can change the course of our lives – the grace of God. All of us had, at one time or another and in one way or another, made mistakes in our lives, and sown seeds of unrighteousness and sin. And what would the end be to all those things that we are now ashamed of but death? But when we receive the gift of God – the salvation of our souls through Jesus Christ – the seed of faith is what is sown in our hearts. It grows and bears the fruit of righteousness unto holiness and the end, eternal life. (See Romans 6).

We shall reap a harvest of God’s blessings unto eternal life.

This is how our lives and our future are changed: to be dead and buried with the Lord Jesus Christ through baptism, and be raised up in newness of life, in the same manner as He was raised from the dead and lives forever (Rom. 6:4). In Christ, everything becomes new, the old is forgotten. Amazing grace!

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! (2 Cor. 5:17 NLT)

(If you haven’t received the Lord Jesus Christ in your life and are not sure if you are saved and heir of eternal life, know the keys of salvation here).

MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY! Extended until Monday midnight, May 7!

For USA/Canada:

Native woven bag made of buntal with faux leather accents, inner lining and pockets and zipper closure. Proudly Philippine-made.


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My weekly gratitude list – grateful to the Lord for:

  • twelve years of marriage, by the amazing grace of God! Here’s our story, our testimony. (In photo are flowers from my sweetheart :)).
  • the pack of prettily-crafted cards I received from a friend of my husband’s in the US.
  • His gentle reminders that I am His and not the world’s!
  • His daily dose of comfort.
  • another Spirit-filled Sunday worship service; watching and listening to the Children’s Choir as they sang and were filled with the Holy Spirit, tears streaming down their faces. What a glorious, inspiring, reviving sight!

20 comments on “What Can Change Our Harvest? {Mother’s Day Giveaway}

  1. What we sow, we will eventually reap. God in every situation gives believers totally deserved spiritual and earthly rewards for their good works.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Amen. After we received the Lord Jesus Christ and have the seed of faith sown in our hearts, and nurtured it with the Word and our obedience, it grows and flourishes, and in the end, we shall reap a harvest of God’s rewards which He has promised to those who are faithful to the end.

  2. Ruth says:

    Thank you for this post. It was a blessing to me.

  3. Court says:

    I did all three! Hope I win cause that is an adorable bag. (I love this drawing beside here with the James’ verse, so cool..)

  4. Michelle Cepe Declaro says:

    very inspiring story, i remembered my mom at the time some people would make fun of her, insulting and taking advantage of her for lack of education. Despite of that hindi na sya gumaganti kundi pinagddasal nya pa mga taong gumawa niyon. according to the bible “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.(Lev 19:18 NIV). the results of all her good deed are, she was able to provide good education to all of us, peace of mind & most of all loving & serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. edralyn says:

    great story…
    GOD bless po for sharing

  6. Penni Hill says:

    This comment = all three requirements for the drawing completed. 🙂 The bag is lovely- it would be such a wonderful blessing to receive it. –Thank you for sharing this post. It is thought-provoking and a great reminder of how we are to behave even when treated unfairly.
    God bless, ~Penni

  7. jenn wilmer says:

    Beautiful post, thanks!

  8. jenn wilmer says:

    I signed up for emails!

  9. jenn wilmer says:

    I liked you on FB.

  10. Elizbeth says:

    Thank you for being such an encourager. I would love to win this giveaway.

  11. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  12. Amanda says:

    I have done all 3 requirements for your giveaway. The grace of God is truly amazing. Thank-you for this beautiful post.

  13. Terra says:

    I would love to enter your giveaway! I agree, Christ is the only way!

  14. Terra says:

    I signed up for e-mails.

  15. Terra says:

    I liked you on fb!

  16. Abigail May Palmero-Antona says:

    Praise The Mighty Name Of Our Loving God…..so Grateful to read that stories that encouraged me to hear more words of GOD Through your Stories,,,People are easily to forget What GOD said in the Bible,until we breath,we had strenght give our best to served the LORD!what people reap they were sow in the end,if you hurt your sisters&brothers in the LORD without any reasons because your angry or you’re jealous you want to destroy someone’s lives you’ll reaped it ,specially if you leaved to served GOD you’ll reaped it,,,for me I’m Very Blessed to served GOD,my life are not enough to pay what the LORD done in my Life.I found the true Church of the living GOD(JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY)Through the Prayers of Our Bel.Parents in the LORD(Bel.Evangelist Wilde E.Almeda&Bel.Mama Dear A true Pastor who lead us a right Path,many of us are not giving importance to they’re calling,what we are asking for we received true healing.Blessings,peace of Mind&Salvation of our souls,,,our Bel.Pastor are good examples for us,they give they’re lives&sacrifices to saved many souls who hungered by the word of GOD,,,Bel.Mama Dear are also a good examples of being a “WOMAN OF FAITH”We Missed our Bel.Mama Dear specially this coming Mothers Day until her last Breath we are Witnessing how she Served GOD truly…HAPPY MOTHERS DAY BEL.MAMA DEAR WE ARE NOT FORGET YOUR TEACHINGS,,,also want to Greet all The Mothers who never stopped loving they’re children Unconditionally…Specially you Bel.Sis Rina Peru,HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TOO!I thank the Lord for giving you continues strenght&good health…The LORD loves you so much!!

  17. Charlotte says:

    It is so true that we reap what we sow. Thank you for sharing this.

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