God Brings Back the Captivity of His People

(Meditating on Psalm 53)

Among the many ills our country suffers from, poverty and insurgency top them all. These are just two of the evil fruits of corruption. But, as the Lord Jesus Christ victoriously declared, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”, so it is with this victory that we operate as we go to the utmost peripheries of this country, preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, and turning the rebellious hearts toward God.

Every one of them has turned aside;
They have together become corrupt;
There is none who does good,
No, not one. 
(Psalm 53:3)

The Lord declared that He has overcome the world. Yes, by His blood that flowed in Calvary, we now have this ministry of reconciliation to God. The demons that hold one shackled and imprisoned in sin and in all the works of the devil are now cast out by the power of the blood and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the Good News, and its glory and power to change a life has never failed and will always triumph.

Below, I share with great joy the triumphs of our Church (Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry), by the power of the Holy Spirit. All glory to God! To my followers and readers outside the Philippines, I hope that these will not only encourage and inspire you and strengthen your faith, but you’ll also enjoy these few glimpses of our beloved country.

  • Bringing the Gospel to the remote areas, sometimes through rough mountain roads, sometimes fording rivers…
  • Preaching the Gospel to all. There is nothing too few, nor too far, nor too poor – the Gospel is for everyone. There is nothing too dangerous. This summer, the JMCIM outreach of Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley in Northern Luzon had bravely preached the Gospel to CPP/NPA strongholds.
  • Bible Study in an area so remote it’s beyond the reach of electricity, but the Gospel shines in the dark! “Arise, shine! For your Light has come!”
  • Baptizing in water in Jesus’ name. The ones in blue (or red) robes are the ones to be baptized. They are not baptized in the river in their own clothes so they won’t be going home dripping wet.
  • Preaching the Gospel to soldiers. (In second photo, a former NPA commander now a Christian testifies before Philippine Army soldiers).
  • An outpouring of blessing. It hadn’t rained for a long time in this area of Northern Luzon, but when Jesus Miracle Crusade held a crusade there, there was a downpour and the workers and preachers were soaked to the skin.
  • After the heavy rain, roads were hardly navigable, so, roasting a chicken for a meal :):
  • And resting a while.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ, through His Gospel of salvation, reconciles the rebel and the soldier. (In photo are, R to L: a former NPA Commander now a Christian, a soldier of the Philippine Army, beloved Ordained Preacher Danny Cuarteros and his beloved wife).
  • JMCIM crusade at Luneta Park, Manila


All photos (except the last one) courtesy of beloved Ordained Preacher Danny Cuarteros of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry.


14 comments on “God Brings Back the Captivity of His People

  1. Vickii says:

    sa cagayan valley ata itong pagpreach sa npaluzon area po sa tuguegarao area. not cagayan de oro…

  2. Charlotte says:

    What interesting pictures. As they say (Chinese I think) a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures really tell the story well. How wonderful to see the results of the crusade.
    Clicking “like” on the sidebar of Spiritual Sundays means you like that blog. The other “like” I was talking about was the new Facebook page for Spiritual Sundays. They’re different. Here is the link that goes directly to the new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sharing-Inspirational-Posts/283451145075593
    Thank you for your participation and support. I always enjoy what you share and I know many others do as well.

  3. Wendy says:

    What a great blog. Love, love your pictures and comments regarding them. So interesting. Praise God for the wonderful work He has allowed us to see via this beautiful blog.

  4. Sis Fe says:

    Hi Sis Rina,
    I really feel blessed by just looking at the pictures. I am greatful to be a member of the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry.
    God Bless Bro Danny and all the brethren who have accompanied him.
    God Bless you Sis Rina and your family.
    Sis Fe

  5. What a mighty work all of you are doing there for the lost souls. It is an inpiration. To gOd be the glory:)

  6. Tracy says:

    Beautiful to see God’s labourers hard at work, rain or shine. And love the statement, beyond electricity but the light of God shines through
    God bless

  7. joyfulkasey says:

    These pictures are such a blessing. Our church supports General Baptist Missionaries in the Philippines. The picture of that crusade takes my breath away.

    Hope you’ll be back to link up again Tuesday at lessonsfromivy.com

  8. Danny Cuarteros says:

    Peacemakers are those who have been reconciled to God. They have peace with Him through Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1; Ephesians 2:14-16). They now strive by their witness and life to bring others, including their enemies, to peace with God (Matthew 5:9). That’s the work of our Church the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry headed by the End time Prophet of God, Beloved Honorable Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda. We are the true Peacemakers!

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