Table of Thanksgiving


(Reading Psalm 50)

For others, gathering around the table to eat is just as mundane as the other things that we do everyday.  But for us, gathering around the table as a family is more than just to share a meal but it has become a deeply meaningful family activity. For us, it is a special time to lift up our heartfelt thanksgiving to God.

There had been years when we didn’t sit down to eat together as a family, months when I had to be fed in bed, and painful days when I had to endure listening to the merry celebrations of the family next door while I suffered.

But the Lord had great mercy upon us. This is the very reason why every week, we intentionally prepare a simple gathering, preparing food that everyone could enjoy. This is our way to remember what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us: giving His life to bring us salvation, restoring our family, strengthening our marriage, and healing me.

Gathering around the table to eat is to remember to give thanks. This was what the Lord Jesus had shown His disciples. This was how He lived. And this is how we’re supposed to live.


Family activities to remember what the Lord Jesus has done:

Today, gather as a family. First, offer up songs of praise to God, songs that recall and give tribute to the great sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. Ex. Worthy is the Lamb; My Tribute 

Afterwards, utter a short prayer of thanksgiving and ask for His light and presence. Then, take turns to read the following episodes of the Gospel:
“Washing Feet and Leaving” (John 13-14)
“Jesus Teaches the Disciples” (John 15-16)
“Jesus’ Prayer” (John 17)
Lastly, discuss with one another about what we’ve read.

Tomorrow (Good Friday), do the same process, reading the following:
“Jesus’ Arrest and Trials” (John 18)
“Jesus is Abused and Crucified” (John 19)
Then in the evening, off to Friday Overnight Worship Service (JMCIM).

On Saturday, do the same process but this time, remember God’s great love, mercy and amazing grace by sharing with one another how God has wrought miracles and mighty deeds in each of our lives.

On Easter Sunday, off to all-day worship service (JMCIM).
At home in the evening before or after Easter dinner, as the family is gathered around the table, read the remaining chapters of the Gospel:
“The First Day of the Week” (John 20)
“Jesus Returns to Heaven” (John 21)

It’s important that we do not forget what the Lord has done for us – giving us His life so we might have life, now ’til eternity.


Endnotes: Photos of us gathering around the table on Saturday afternoons; Photos of our family gathering, praising and Bible reading on Holy Thursday.

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3 comments on “Table of Thanksgiving

  1. Gail says:

    Good ideas for remembering what Christ has done…and wonderful family memories as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gail says:

    Thanks for sharing this ideas for remembering what Christ has done…that’s always worth the effort and a good way to make family memories as well.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Great post, and I love your pictures. They’re very professional.

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