On our continuing journey through the psalms every Friday, we are now meditating on Psalm 38. If we read the entirety of this psalm, we will learn the suffering and anguish that David, the psalmist, was going through. Most of you are fortunate enough to just read these lines, but for some (like me) – we live through this kind of suffering and the anguish it brings.

Before the new year, I have been doing a lot of re-thinking about my writing. I have purposed that, by the Lord’s help and guidance, I will be writing about things that will REALLY HELP readers, even though at times, these may only encourage, uplift, enlighten or inspire – these would have served the purpose.

In my great desire to live an authentic life both privately and in my blogging, I would like to tell you now that I’m just an ordinary wife and mother who may have similar desires as you have. I was once severely broken, both in body (due to illness) and spirit (due to sin) that my career and all the things that I thought made me complete, were all taken from me by the Lord. Now, I’m no longer the successful chemical engineer and business owner, but a servant of the Lord who totally depends on Him, and an ordinary woman who has her own weaknesses, shortcomings, mistakes, and deep longings. Maybe just like you?

But this is the truest thing that I can tell you: that the Lord Jesus truly heals and however broken one is, after the storm, one finds a life in the light that is filled with faith, hope, love, and peace – things that are real and one can hold on to. And the Lord, He supplies all these, because He is a gracious God and what I say are not mere words but what I myself experience from day-to-day.

Yes, there are days that sighing takes the place of rejoicing. Deep sighings that I know don’t escape the Lord’s hearing. But morning and evening, I seek His face. I choose to honor Him and embrace His Word because it is true and powerful and I have seen its mighty works in my life and in the life of our beloved brethren in Church numerous times. Although there are times when I feel like some of His promises seem too far, too out-of-reach, and they seem to remain unfulfilled in my life (like my complete healing and strength and the Lord’s promise is that He is the God that heals me) – I still believe, my trust is complete, and I still take my place around His table, and my spot in His heart as His true, precious child.

This is unwavering faith: to believe in His love that it is ever present and ever true even during times of drought, and that we still come to Him as His humble children, to adore and worship Him and wait patiently at His feet.

Friend, what makes you sigh deeply? Have you been unconsciously alienating yourself from the Lord by losing your faith in Him maybe because of hard trials, lingering afflictions or unanswered prayers? This should not be so. I invite you to share your heart and thoughts here (it won’t hurt!) and maybe we can talk about it and pray for it together?

Below is a song offering: All Your Promises are True by Shannon Wexelberg. I pray this will be a blessing to you.

May you all have a blessed weekend lighted and touched by the Lord.

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6 comments on “Sighings

  1. Betty says:

    Thank you for the song. 🙂 It blessed me this morning.

  2. RinaPeru says:

    Praising the Lord with you Betty! Have a blessed weekend!


  3. sarah says:

    love the song….have a great weekend.

  4. Sharon says:

    Amen! What a beautiful way to express the healing and hope God provides.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Sometimes God takes drastic measures to get our attention. I’m so glad you are sharing your heart with us. You are truly an inspiration.

  6. Renee says:

    Thank you for this insightful post, opening your heart to us. I often ponder on healing too. God bless.

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