The Goodness of the Lord

Dusk is fast falling; the cool breeze seeps through layers of Mary’s clothing. She pulls her cloak tighter as she instinctively caresses her swollen tummy. She feels the happy movement of the Baby in her blessed womb, and she is encouraged. Weary from traveling, she needs so much to rest and lay her tired body on a decent bed, but there is no room at the inn. Then the labor pains begin. Mary clutches hard at her tummy as spasms rock her small frame. Joseph frantically looks for a place for them, for his young, beloved wife who is in labor. Oh, God, let there be a place!

She and Joseph are welcomed to someone’s barn; the space is cozy enough for Mary to lie down and give birth to her son.

The angel Gabriel himself was the one who brought her the good tidings months before: she is to carry the Messiah in her womb, she is to give birth to the King, the Savior of the world. But now, she lies on the floor of a barn covered with hay, laboring, with only her beloved Joseph to assist her. Has God who promised left her?

No, I believe Mary did not dwell on fear, nor questions or doubts entered her heart and mind. She knew that the Lord was with her, strengthening her, breathing on her. As Mary trusted in the Lord, multitudes of angels assembled above, ready to sing,

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. (Luke 2:14)

The Messiah – Immanuel – is born. God with us. And Mary gently and lovingly wraps Him in swaddling clothes, tears stealing their way down her flushed cheeks.

…the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD! (Psalm 33:5, exclamation mine)

(The above narration is how I imagine the nativity scene).

As my little Tim celebrates his birthday in this Christmas season, I remember four years ago how an unwell mother (that’s me) was saved by the Lord from a dangerous delivery, for I still had not fully recovered from the illness that made me suffer so much. Although that illness was not thoroughly diagnosed, it affected my autonomic nervous system: cardio, digestive, and respiratory.

But just as the Lord was with Mary in that humble barn more than two thousand years ago, He was with me as I struggled in that lighted O.R. As my mouth and throat dried up like a cardboard and my heart was beating painfully, I know that He was looking down on me, breathing on me that first breath of life He gave when He created me.

For all birth moments are precious in the eyes of God.

Oh, the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord!

Below is a beautiful Christmas song that I love listening to. Savior of the World by Hillsong.

Devotions for a Christ-filled Christmas Day 1: What’s in Your Sock? {Part 1: UNICEF}

Devotions for a Christ-filled Christmas Day 2: What’s in Your Sock? {Part 2: Warm Christmas}

New testimony post:

Eight years after Bro. Bong Lorente survived a tragic bus accident where 7 passengers instantly died, he was diagnosed to have an internal bone infection which if the affected bone wasn’t immediately removed, it could develop into a malignant bone cancer. When he was told of the amount needed for the surgery – 1.2 million pesos (around $28,000) – he felt like the world came crashing down on him. He couldn’t afford even 10% of it, so he and his wife went home totally dejected. At home, suffering from pain and unable to walk, he counted the passing of days in utter hopelessness…

Read full testimony here.

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3 comments on “The Goodness of the Lord

  1. Charlotte says:

    Great post, and I always enjoy the pictures of your beautiful home and family. About the picture on Spiritual Sundays, I got it off Facebook. I’m assuming it was OK. It is certainly OK with me for you to have the picture. I love it too.

  2. I enjoyed your pictures! The Nativity becomes so real when we as women imagine what it would have been like for young Mary. God is so faithful and will give us the help we need.

  3. Joan says:

    You have a beautiful family, Rina! I loved seeing your pictures!

    Blessings, Joan

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