Healer and Restorer


Bible reading: Psalm 30

I sat in the dimly-lit cafe, sipping my tall glass of lavishly-embellished mocha drink, deep in thought. It had been over two years with that kind of life, estranged from my husband, pursuing the life I had dreamed and wanted, and yet, it felt so dark and heavy. Suffocating. I had thought then, staring hard at the table, unaware of my companion sitting across the table, that God could strike me right there, like a lightning striking out of nowhere, precise in its speed and target.

A sinner knows exactly the magnitude of his/her sin. And I knew mine was worthy of death. Yes, I could almost feel it coming then – the hand of God striking me with precision, right where I was sitting, because I knew I so deserved it.

That night, I went home hauling my heavy soul. I had known then, that before the body gets sick, it’s an illness of the heart, mind, and soul first. Sin is a “cancer” of the heart and soul, spreading, poisoning and damaging every healthy cell of the body. Just as cancer disrupts the perfect genetic process of a body, sin destroys the soul’s relationship with God, and it dies.

This is the fate of every human being. God knew it before the foundation of the world. That’s why He has prepared a savior even before the foundation of the world.

I often wonder: where would I be without the Lord Jesus Christ? And I often think that probably, I would be suffering in hell, perpetually tormented beyond description. Or, if I had lived without Him in my life, how could have I lived with myself? How could have I faced my husband, my daughter? Who could have loved me – sin, shame, and all?


The Lord Jesus Christ – my Savior, Redeemer, Healer, Restorer – He lovingly picks up the filthy rag no matter how soaked it is in deep mire. This love of God for one who doesn’t deserve any of it – how could one ever describe it?

But that is our God – indescribable!

I live because Jesus died my death.

I am cleansed because His blood flowed in Calvary.

I am healed because He sustained my wounds.

I can hold my head up high because He bore my shame.

I am loved and precious because He made me His very own child.

The Lord is generous with His love, mercy, and forgiveness. Why shouldn’t we be also?

New testimony post:

Sister Jocelyn “Jo” Pena was in and out of the hospital because of bronchial asthma. Soon, this had affected her heart, too, suffering from chest pains and difficulty in breathing. Because of these diseases, she rarely went out of their house, and spent her days mostly in bed.

One time while in bed recovering from another bout of asthma attack, she was feeling so weak and despondent. She thought, “Is this the life of a sick person, suffering daily in bed, no hope of healing? Is this my portion of life, just miserable like this? Is there more to life than being bed-bound?”

I invite you to read full testimony here. I pray you’ll be blessed by it.

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5 comments on “Healer and Restorer

  1. Jil says:

    A beautiful post that leaves you with much to think about!

  2. Renee says:

    Beautiful post and story too…..a comfort to me today to hear about such a wonderful healing taking place. Praise God!

  3. Charlotte says:

    There is always hope. That is what I take from this post. Thank you for spreading the hope in Jesus.

  4. Lory says:

    The source of our hope is only Dearest Jesus♥ He will make everything beautiful in his time 🙂

    God bless us all po. 🙂
    Happy Tuesday^^

  5. patsy says:

    Hi Rina, Yes there is much drama in God’s salvation story, His love story with us! I do not know where I would be without Him either. I feel completely wrapped in His love, mercy and grace! It’s a great adventure with Him, even with all the challenges we face! God bless you this week!

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