Life as a Gift

My little Tim saunters into the house making a noisy sound with his rubber slippers. He hands me an envelope. It’s from UNICEF – a birthday card. I read the back of their gift card and as always, I’m overwhelmed by the words:

I’m a UNICEF donor, a wish-come-true maker, a champion, a winner, a real life-changer!

I’ve written before that every time I receive a letter from UNICEF, like a “thank you” card from the children, I try to choke back tears. This time, I am inspired to write – to write about this gift.

I read the words again and only one thing comes to mind – the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not a wish-come-true maker, Jesus is. A champion, a winner? Only because the Lord mercifully works through me. Here I am, a vessel made of clay whom the Lord chose to carry His gift. A gift-carrier? Maybe. But only because He made me worthy.

A real life-changer? No, definitely not. Only the Lord Jesus is a real life-changer. He changed my life.

We give gifts (donations) – cash or otherwise – to under-privileged children, but the Lord Jesus Christ is the true gift. He gave His life so we might have life – one that is abundant in righteousness and peace.

The Lord gave Himself as an offering [atonement, gift, present, sacrifice] for our salvation. I understand that as His followers, we ought also to offer our lives. The three wise men brought Him gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh. We can bring our lives and offer them freely and willingly.

Our life as a gift, an offering –  yes! Gift to our children. Gift to the child who is hungry and cold, and who dreams of a bright and happy future. Gift to the weary, the brokenhearted, the hopeless, the lost.

Our life can be this gift, because the Lord makes it possible and it is Him who works through us.

In the Philippines, there are many children who suffer from hunger, malnutrition, and diseases caused by their unsanitary surroundings and water for drinking, etc., especially in the remote rural areas. Many also don’t have a chance for education. Friends, you can help these children. Your life as a gift (smile)? To find out how you can help, please visit Thank you and may God bless you more abundantly!

Additional reading: Why I’m a UNICEF Champion for Children


A Christian music video was played in Hannah’s class in school. As the middle schoolers watched, tears ran down their cheeks. They were touched, even her foreign classmates who are not Christians. Hasn’t the Lord spoken of this? Except ye be converted, and be as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven (Mat. 18:3).

It turned out that I have a cd of this: Grace by Laura Story from her album “Great God Who Saves”. I’ve just learned to sing the song and offered it last night, and the Lord rewarded me with His touch.

I pray it will bless you, too.

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3 comments on “Life as a Gift

  1. Stefanie says:

    I’m visiting from the blog party – nice to meet you!

  2. Carol says:

    Beautiful wisdom!

  3. Charlotte says:

    So true, He is the life changer. I believe He also uses people to change lives. I believe He is definitely using you to do just that. Not because of who you are but because of who He is. The video is beautiful.

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