God’s Wondrous Works

The crowd gathered thick. It was already late in the evening and the worship service of the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry was about to start, but they wouldn’t leave. They swarmed the place, outside of the stadium where the Friday overnight worship service is held, like bees that guard the beehive and won’t budge.

Beloved brethren of the Church had to wade through this multitude, and yet, it was really hard to enter the stadium. They had to wait quite a long time before the crowd would make just a narrow passage where the brethren could squeeze themselves through.

Why weren’t they leaving, even after the police told them there were no more tickets to give out? It was closed and another organization, our Church, was about to begin the service. They had to live. But they wanted to linger, thinking that what the police and security told them was inaccurate. They wanted to hope that they could still get tickets. Tickets for a bright future?

We were told that the people, the masses, gathered in the stadium as early as Wednesday to secure for themselves tickets to a popular TV gameshow’s anniversary special where prizes such as house and lots, etc. are at stake. But the tickets had run out on the same day, still, the people continued to pour in.

Do we put our hope and future on a ticket to a gameshow? That piece of paper that promises a chance, albeit a very slim chance at that, for some prize? Have the people put their faith on the promises of a ticket, instead of the promises of God?

Since they didn’t have plans of leaving just yet, the people were told by the police to better settle down and listen to the worship service going on inside the stadium. The Church’s elders, too, and the choir members, approached the people and invited them, guided them, “Come, draw near to God. Come, here is a promise that never fails. Come…”

And in droves they drew near. The overnight service that usually ends at 4:30 in the morning had to be hurried up. One by one, brothers-and-sisters-in-Christ related their testimonies in the pulpit with renewed power, like revved up athletes eager and ready for the challenge. Before 2:00am, altar call began. The singers sang their hearts out, tears streaming, as people streamed to the front, hundreds of them.

These people who didn’t see a shadow of the tickets promised but were now under the shadow of the One whose promises are true. These masses who didn’t have a chance to get hold of a ticket but were now being held by the One whose love never fails. They didn’t get their hands on those much-desired tickets, but they were now putting their hands on the gifts of God which He freely and abundantly gives – His durable riches and righteousness.

All were amazed at the marvelous sight – the wondrous workings  of God! The people were crowding infront,  weeping, repentant, believing, expectant, hungry. The anointed singing continued. The whole atmosphere was charged with the powerful presence of God. It was one of the longest altar calls I’ve witnessed. And on an ordinary Friday overnight worship service.

But then, there isn’t any ordinary with God. He never ceases to amaze.


New testimony posted:

Bro. Boy Manguera accidentally fell down from a height of 10ft and landed on concrete ground head first. He sustained a large gash on his head where copious anount of blood spurted. How could one survive such a fall? Read full testimony here and learn also how he obtained healing from a disease without surgery and medicines which the doctors said that without surgery he didn’t have a chance to live.

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3 comments on “God’s Wondrous Works

  1. Lory says:

    Ate Rina,
    Thanks for sharing ^^, I saw that situation. It was wonderful day because many people received God as their personal Saviour. Actually, during that time i thought to myself that its one of God’s way to spread the good news. That JESUS is alive. Even though they were outside the stadium they couldn’t resist to listen. His way is not our way and his thought is not our thought. God bless po 🙂 Have a great day everyone ^_^

  2. Joan says:

    What a wonderful example of the mighty hand of God! He had a plan all along for those people who had come for the tickets…Thank you for sharing this uplifting story!

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