The Gifts of the Lord

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

In the morning, even before the sun bathes the trees with its golden light, I am awakened by the singing of the sparrows that the Lord sends to sit on the awning of our bedroom window. I listen to their symphony of shrill, untiring melody, even as I pull up the blankets and snuggle still, hoping for more minutes of sweet slumber. How many mornings have they waken me up to a new day and new inspiration – alive with the gifts of the Lord wrapped in manifold ways?

And as I sing my own rendition of hymns of love and thanksgiving to the One who fills and blesses our days, this bundle of joy, my little Tim, slowly peeps into the dark room, expecting to see me up and about. I bid him to come near and he leans on my lap and together, we savor the warmth and sheer sweetness of a tight morning hug.

The Lord sends His love in many surprising ways.

~ A huge bunch of beautiful daisies sent by a sister-in-Christ who is in Kuwait? His love knows no bounds!

~ Sweet bananas sent by another sister-in-Christ from the province with a note: I let them ripen naturally on the tree so that they would reach you in their sweetest. Just for you.

~ A birthday card from my girl, my sweet Hannah, with her own loving dedication and my favorite verse (John 10:10) which she has memorized. A card which is actually a Valentine’s card but she chose it anyways because as she has said, the design perfectly expresses her love.

~ My beloved mother-in-law and sister-in-law coming from the province, bringing the freshest vegetables harvested from around their home in the farm, and a live young rooster because they know I like to eat free-range chicken.

~ My older sister braving the oncoming typhoon and travels from the province anyways (a 7-hour bus ride) and surprising me with her big, happy smile. In the midst of rains and strong winds, she comes breezing into our home in her usual cheerful manner. And I ask why she is here, and she bursts out, “It’s your birthday!”

~ homemade

~ lanzones!

~ crowd at the Victorious Mindanao Peace Mission 11th Anniversary Celebration and Spiritual Revival, Oct. 2, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila.

~ blessed birthday dinner with family. Thank You, dearest Lord Jesus.

~ happy kids 🙂

~ happiness. My heart is full and I can't thank the Lord enough.

Can one really count the gifts of the Lord? They’re too many to count. If we only open our hearts as we intentionally look, then we would really see His gifts scattered everywhere, from the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we close our eyes at night. As we thank our way through the day, the more we see His gifts. A thankful heart sees even the hidden ones. And the more we see His gifts, the more we feel His love and care slathered in our lives.

One of my favorite songs that our Church’s Children’s Choir sings is I See You, Lord, and I also sing it in my private praise and worship time. Yes, we can see the Lord everywhere and in every moment, if we only take time to consider. I invite you to watch and listen to the video of I See You, Lord below. I pray you’ll be blessed by it.

May we have a gilt-edged week strewn with God’s wonderful gifts, my dear friends.

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6 comments on “The Gifts of the Lord

  1. Lory says:

    Praise the Lord po 🙂 Happy Birthday ^_^ I see you Lord is one of my favorite song too po 🙂 Thanks for sharing po. I can see that you had a great time. God bless your family po.

  2. Happy Birthday! Wishing you another year full of joy and blessing – and how joyous to be surrounded by people who love you, to have gifts come from near and far – and, always my favorite, family around the dinner table, the children and the adults – there is nothing sweeter. So glad God created celebration!

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you for your heartwarming birthday greeting! Yes, our families and friends are God’s wonderful gifts, and to be celebrating with them is truly a blessing.

      Have a blessed week,

  3. Enjoyed reading your wise post!
    Visiting from AHolyExperience.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday 🙂

  4. Charlotte says:

    Thank you again, Rina, for sharing these beautiful blessings with us. Love the pictures and the song is so precious.

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