7 Things that Make Up A Beautiful Life

(source: oceansbridge)

What makes up a beautiful life – a life that does not appear beautiful only outwardly but is pure and lovely even in its very depth?

Here are 7 things:

1) God’s Light is Upon It

A beautiful life starts when the light of God shines upon it through the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ which it willingly and thankfully embraces.

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. (Is. 60: 1)

No matter how dark a life has been, but when the true Light shines upon it and it readily surrenders, the glory of God shall be seen upon that life (Is. 60: 2).

A beautiful life reflects the light of the Lord, and the people will see and shall be drawn to it, to the brightness of its rising (Is. 60: 3) – a shining testimony for all the world to behold.

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2) Bears the Fruit of the Spirit

A life that has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and continues to abide in Him and in His Word begins to bear the fruit of His Spirit. It does not stay stagnant nor barren, but it grows in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord. People will see the change – the “new man” – which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him (Col. 3:10).

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3) Dwells in Love

There is no other, more excellent proof that a life is beautiful than that it breathes love – the love that comes from Love Himself – God.

A love that gives and forgives. A love that is gentle and kind. A love that endures and bears patiently through Christ who strengthens.

A love that speaks with wisdom – words that bring healing and encouragement to one who is weary and needy. A love that earnestly prays, sending blessings to anyone who is weak and lacking, through the abundant grace of God.

It is not proud, or self-seeking, or covetous. But always ready to listen and to reach out.

4) Lives Peaceably with All Men

A life that does not gossip or speak evil of its neighbor. A life that does not judge, condemn, or think evil of others, for it knows that there is One that judges. It does not aggressively contend or promote strife and division, but follows the way of peace, speaking with wisdom that is from above:

A life that exhibits wisdom and strength – and gains honor – through genuine humility.

5) Lives in God’s Word

A life that finds its daily strength and guidance in the Word of God. It meditates on it everyday, feeding on the precious words of life and sharing them to the one who is lost, confused and needing enlightenment, and imparting them to children. It relies on the whole Truth – God’s Word – and does not take heed to “various and strange doctrines” (Heb. 13:9), fables and gossip.

A life that lets the Word examine its heart, letting it speak to the core of its being, so that it will be directed to the perfect will of God.

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6) Seeks God First

A life that does not rush headlong to the agenda and the hustle and bustle of the day, but seeks the Lord’s face first thing upon waking up. A life that bathes in God’s presence, worshiping and honoring Him with all that it has in the beauty of holiness. A life that draws strength and inner  peace and joy in its regular holy communion [intimate fellowship, communication] with the Spirit.

A life that exudes calmness – a meek and quiet spirit – even in the midst of confusion or chaos, for its inner being is drenched with the peace and truth of God, steadfastly trusting in Him in any circumstance, for He is its center – wherein it lives, and moves and have its being (Acts 17:28).

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7) Lives in Joy and Thanksgiving

A life that rejoices in the Lord, thanking Him in everything and making life a celebration of His goodness and faithfulness. It does not murmur or complain, but on bended knees, humbly presents its requests to the Lord, full of faith and always with thanksgiving.

A life that is not devoid of troubles, yet it does not fret, but trusts and depends on the faithfulness of God, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer (Rom. 12:12).

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12 comments on “7 Things that Make Up A Beautiful Life

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful, Rina! I agree with all of these.

    I was pleasantly surprised to click on this link from Time Warp Wife and find that someone already in my blog reader was there:)
    Have a blessed week!

  2. Amy says:

    Ah yes – a life with all of these qualities would be beautiful indeed. Found this through Raising Homemakers and so glad I did.

  3. Bro. Jason says:

    Hi Sis Rina,
    This is Bro. Jason Pagulayan, first I really want to praise God for his unfailing love and care for us.
    I’ve been reading your blogs since the time I signed up for it, and I’ve never missed checking my
    messages in my inbox just to check on your blogs. I even have print outs of your blogs so i can take it wherever I go, so every time i want to get inspired i can readily read and contemplate on it’s powerful messages. I have found reading your blogs very beneficial in maintaining my spiritual life for those do not only inspire me but also remind me of my obligations and duties as a Christian. Hope you include topics on evangelism and leadership.
    I will be always delightful in reading your blogs.. thanks a lot.. God bless.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Dear bel. Bro. Jason, you wouldn’t know how much you’ve encouraged and inspired me in return with this heartwarming message – glory to God! Indeed, we have been blessed with a wonderful Church, loving and caring parents-in-the-Lord, and most of all, a living, amazing God!
      God bless you always.

  4. Linda says:

    Wise words indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  5. BrendaTN says:

    Beautiful lesson. Not the world’s view of a successful person but God’s view. No promise of no pain or disappointment but a key to walking in faith with Him.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Seven important points it would be well to remember. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Pamela says:

    I love the beautiful life! You’re right on with them…trying hard to live it. You have a gift for the important.


  8. Almira Dela Vega says:

    With God in our lives…Life is indeed beautiful 🙂

  9. Nick says:

    Praise The Lord po Ate Rina I have read your articles ..Its really so inspiring and all the words therein were indeed full of anointing ..truly it lightens the heart of a reader because his word is spirit and they are life that brings salvation to everyone that humbly to our Dearest Lord Jesus Christ,The one and only true God,The Prince of Peace and Everlasting Father……I get shared with your articles. May The Lord satisfy you with abundant blessings from the fatness of his House…..God Bless.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Hi Bro. Nick! It’s messages like this that I’m humbled, thanking and praising God for His wonderful gift and for the anointing, inspiration and wisdom that come with it. God bless you and your beautiful family always!

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