What Writing Does to Me

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What does writing do to me? A whole lot, I’d say.

  • It brings me closer to the Lord

I write about His Word and his testimonies. I write about His words that He gently whispers in my heart. When I walk through the dark valley, and I feel weak and afraid, He speaks comforting words, and I know I’m never alone. When I climb up a steep mountain and I get weary and thirsty, His words strengthen me, fill me, and quench my thirst.

Whatever I do, wherever I go, in triumphs and in failures, in joy and in sorrow, in celebrations and in solitude – He whispers. And I gather and bundle up all His words here, so I would always remember.

As I write about Him and meditate on His wonderful deeds and lovingkindnesses, He draws me closer to Him, like my spirit is in constant fellowship with Him. And at night – when writing and doing and all the laboring cease – I lift up my hands and heart to praise and worship Him, and He seems to whisper, “You’ve written about Me today and spent time thinking about Me and My Word. So I’m here. So very near.”

  • It brings me healing

Psalm 107: 20 says, “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” And while I write about His words and testimonies, I’m being healed. He sends His words through my writing and these make me whole: my fears are taken away and His peace inhabits my whole being.

As I ponder on His words and put them all here where the world can see and share, His healing presence pervades in my life. A daily renewing of mind and spirit happens, and the body is strengthened.

The daily dose of inspiration that comes from Him is like a bubbling brook and a spewing fountain that can’t be stopped. This, alone, invigorates the spiritual muscles and lifts the whole being to heights where there is joy and fulfillment.

  • It widens my world and my heart

My world shrank when I became ill and I prematurely and totally retired from work. There was a time, at the height of my career and business’ success, that I was pondering during a lull in my busyness, and a thought entered my mind: “I would love to write someday.”

One time, I was invited to a client-friend’s laboratory and plant inauguration in Laguna, a province south of Manila. Her sprawling cosmetics manufacturing plant was built on a plain with the most spectacular landscape. She toured me and my staff around the plant and when we reached the laboratory, I saw through the wide glass along one wall, the beautiful, majestic mountains of Sierra Madre. The verdant view was breathtaking! In awe, I said to my companions, “This is the best place to write! Oh, how lovely and inspiring would be to be sitting here and writing!” And they all laughed, because our work was purely scientific and writing was a different world altogether.

But maybe the Lord has heard the whispers of my soul? The silent craving hidden beneath all those technical works? I don’t know, for I grieved for my career when the Lord took it . But this one thing I realized: that when God takes us away from the world we had loved and where we had flourished, and brings us to a place where everything is new to us, He will also provide the inspiration needed for us to  be able to live and thrive there.

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And so, even though I no longer go out to work, travel and visit our client-friends, the Lord has given me a whole new world of brothers, sisters and friends in my Church family, and sweet, kind friends around the world :-). And I thank the Lord for all of you, my blogger-friends, and for all my blog subscribers and followers. You color my world here. I pray collectively for all of you.

Writing to inspire and encourage other people widens my heart and fills my world. It encourages and inspires me in return, for what does the Bible say? We reap what we sow.

  • It brings me spiritual growth

I write about His words and in so doing, I am gathering them all close into my bosom, praying earnestly that nothing will fall to the ground.

But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it. (Deut. 30: 14)

And as I soak in His words – the life lessons He continues to teach, and arrange them into sentences and paragraphs, for me and my readers – my spirit is quickened. For His words are life to me (John 6: 63). Indeed, this is my comfort in my affliction: for [His] word hath quickened me (Psalm 119: 50). His words, they give life to every cell of my being, and I grow fuller.

There is nothing truer than this: that meditating on His Word, analyzing the lessons learned, writing about them and living them out to bless others, have brought me spiritual strength, and I continue to grow.

To grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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13 comments on “What Writing Does to Me

  1. Sis Fe says:

    Praise the Lord! When an email from Healing Moments pops in I drop everything I do and read the article. Not only that you inspire me but I also learned from your articles. Thank you Sis Rina and God Bless!

  2. I related to each and every one of your points. I love it!!! (popping over from GMG)

  3. Kelly says:

    I agree. Writing does me the same way. Its like, the more I write, the more I learn… which leads to writing more….. which leads to….. 🙂 (found this from beholdingglory.com )

  4. sherry says:

    Writing is one of my favorite past times. I create Christian fiction and I like to bring Christianity to my characters and to all that read of the lives that I create. It gives me a sense of belonging to God. He directs my words and he directs people to read them. God bless you in all your writings.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you, Sherry, for your beautiful message. I’ve been visiting your site, too, but I haven’t been successful in posting my comments in Blogger sites (being a WordPresser :-), and I still haven’t figured out how). May God bless you MORE, in all that you set your heart to do!

  5. Pamela says:

    This is my first visit to your blog, but I already love you, my sister. Yay!

  6. Gayle says:

    So interesting, I was thinking today what writing does for my spirit as I wrote my Spiritual Sunday post. I love this post, it is lovely and filled with wisdom. I took a class a few years ago on writing and one of the writers there had lost a son. She said that she healed through writing about it. It was a profound moment for me to realize we not only heal others (hopefully) but heal ourselves.

  7. Tami Q. says:

    Writing is therapy for me!

  8. My first visit to your blog as well (linked from WLW Media Mondays)…I love your passionate heart for God…will be revisiting.

  9. vir raras says:

    Hi Rina,

    One (or 2) words about your blog: awe-inspiring! Truly a wonderful and powerful testimony of God’s unfathomable love. May your writing reach and touch people more than you may have imagined.

    Keep up this good work, my cousin.

    Manong Bill

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