That They May Know Thy Name

My long-time friend, she tells me of her many troubles. How, after almost two years had passed, their family hasn’t quite recovered after the great flood of 2009 deluged our homes and communities. Unfortunately, the flood didn’t only wash away the people’s belongings, but also the future and hope of some, my friend included.

She tells me how she works doubly hard just to be able to recover their losses, not only in their home, but most of all in their business. How she wakes up at dawn everyday to go about their businesses that she’s trying to revive; how the burden and demands of managing these enterprises weigh down heavily on her weary, weary body and mind. And how she can’t discuss all these problems to her husband who, himself, is suffering from an illness caused by much stress in his work.

And she tells me how sometimes she wants to end her life because she’s too weary and heavy-laden.

I am shocked, and I tell her that that’s the way of thinking of people who are far from God. And she admits that she is far from God, that she has forgotten Him in their time of prosperity.

So I bid her to come to Jesus. I tell her of the life that’s fully surrendered to Him, letting Him reign in the family, and serving and worshiping Him truly and faithfully – a life that completely trusts in Him and in His goodness – that this is the life where Jesus’ unfailing love and His very present help in time of need are present. I tell her that the Lord Jesus Christ will never leave nor forsake us.

I invite her to Church, to come worship with us. I tell her to let me know when she can. (I try not to be too pushy because I know she’s wary of such things).

There is a long silence in our exchange of messages. I feel the unpreparedness (or unripeness of the harvest?) on her part, and then, a polite “OK”. And there, our conversation ends.

Some people like to confide their problems and seek counsel, but when faith is brought up, an invisible wall seems to come up and isolates them where they are hard to reach.

Who doesn’t have troubles? I myself am acquainted with them, but I have known the power of God’s love in my life – how it has never failed, nor will ever fail – because I have known His name. And it’s His face I seek, morning and evening.

This weekend, we pray for friends, and other people out there, that they would come to know the name above every other name, the only Savior Jesus Christ. And that, they too, would receive Him and all His promises of an abundant life (John 10: 10), now and in the age to come, eternal life. Amen.

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Journey with Jesus,

One comment on “That They May Know Thy Name

  1. Charlotte says:

    You are a true friend, Rina. I pray your friend will go to church with you and find the peace that passes understanding.

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