Where Do You Run To?

Where do you run to when you’re sick and suffering and can’t find comfort in those around you? Where do you run to when your body is battered with ailments but still you hear words that cut instead of comfort, and hurt instead of a whisper of soothing and encouraging words? Where do you run to when your heart is full of sorrow and your soul is crying out for relief?

I’ve learned to run to Jesus and plunge myself at His feet.

One day in church a few years back, I felt so sick and weak with the vibration of big speakers near where we set up our tent on the ground, I felt like I was about to lose consciousness. Eventually we transferred, but I had to unnecessarily hear insensitive, impatient words.

My soul was crying out for help, comfort, love, relief, rest. And through silent, agonizing tears, I kept asking in my heart, “Where do I bring myself where I’m loved and comforted? Where do I place this ailing self? Where is the place for me?”

Then a comforting warmth enveloped my trembling-to-the-core body and I felt relief come at last with the whispered words in my heart, “To Me. You can always run to Me. I will never cast you away. You always have a place in Me. Run to Me…Run to Me…”

When everything else fails, we can throw our weary, hurting selves at Jesus’ feet.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Mat. 11:28)

While I lay in the bed of sickness, I imagined that I had been healed and visited someone who was sick and suffering and could hardly find comfort in her surroundings.

Ever so quietly, I approach her sickbed and whisper to her ears ever so softly that I’m going to read to her the Scriptures. I tell her not to mind me, but assure her that I will read ever so soothingly she won’t be disturbed, but the words from the Scriptures will bring healing to her sick body.   

I begin to read the verses, the ones that will soothe her wearied, suffering body. Then I lean over and ask in a whisper if she needs to drink water, or to be touched and gently massaged for relief? I read some more, then finally close the Holy Bible, and ever so quietly, I drop to my knees on the floor beside her bed, and start to sing.

I sing praise songs that bring relief to her tired, aching muscles, to veins that are clogged, to a heart that’s afraid, and a soul that is weary and thirsty. I sing praises to the King of kings and the Lord of lords until these find their way to the sick’s innermost parts and the comfort and healing from the Savior will finally come down. I sing until tears flow freely in my earnest silent prayer for her healing, relief and recovery. And God will hear. He will hear from heaven.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Mat. 18:20)

Yes, these are the things I would do when I’m well and will visit a sick neighbor, friend, or a sister-in-Christ, because this is the way I would want to be cared for. And I did experience that when we stayed in Pampanga’s Fasting House compound for a while.

At night, when everybody’s asleep and all is quiet, I rise and sing praises to the Lord. And while I do, I yield my weary body towards His healing touch and the heart that is hurting, together with my faint song, I lift them all to Him, letting the tears flow. I wait for His comfort – it never fails.

One time, while my faint singing rose in our dimly-lit room – weak and weary harmony but still determined to offer songs of praise and thanksgiving to the One whose mercy endures – I felt His presence gently descend, I was held, and He spoke in my heart, “I’m listening. I’m pleased with your offering. I’m listening.”

Our Lord hears our silent cries and He listens to our song, though broken. He listens to the melody of our soul’s song. 

If you are hurting and you need somebody to talk to, just leave your comment quietly below and I will do my best to reply through e-mail. But to learn to run to the Lord Jesus and place at His feet whatever we’re going through – sickness, weariness, confusion, problem in the family, sorrow… – is the best advice I can give.

Be comforted by His love that never fails and His Word that never fades.

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In Christ,

7 comments on “Where Do You Run To?

  1. Hannah Peru says:

    This post was my favorite of all posts in this website.

    Well, I was too shy to tell you in person that you are #1 in all my prayers and my wishlist =D (I have a wishlist).

    I hope, I wish, I pray that one morning you will be driving me to school.

    I hope, i wish, I pray that we see you cooking your favorite recipes in the morning and smiling at us with a sweet smile.

    I thank God for giving me a good, kind, and sweet mom just like you, Mom.

    Love always,

    • RinaPeru says:

      My Dear Hannah,

      You’re always a comfort to me, your sweet efforts, they’re never forgotten. The way you love your Mom, it’s so sweet and sincere it hurts.

      Love always,

  2. Roxane Jennifer Panis says:

    i do feel the same… i’m trying to overcome it.. still i don’t have peace of mind. thanks you.. please do pray for me. Godbless

    • RinaPeru says:

      Dear Roxanne,

      I see you’re still very young, but then I know at this age how easily we become hurt and confused. I advise you to read the Holy Bible always and every time you do, ask for guidance to understand it well for it speaks to your heart.

      I’ll be praying for you. If you need to talk some more, you may contact me at rinaperu@yahoo.com.

      May this day find you in God’s peace and love,


  3. bettyl says:

    We can do all we want in our own strength, but the real Joy and Peace comes only from Him. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lory says:

    Praise the Lord!

    I believe all of us have different kinds of trials but the most important is how we deal with it.

    How we asked help for God’s guidance and leading.

    I believe if you open up your problems to God, He will help you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    May Dearest Jesus bless us all.

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