My Prayer for 2011

For the coming year, I pray for:

More strength, in body, heart, and spirit, to carry out farther, God’s purposes.

More love, fervent and true, to know Jesus more, to seek and follow Him more, wherever He leads. More love, strong and sincere, to extend, share, and pour out my life more to encourage, inspire, and bring hope to the lost.

More patience and grace, with wisdom and inner peace, to go through the rigors, hardships, and challenges of every single day, and always with thanksgiving.

More offerings of prayers and praise, earnest and with tears, for the salvation of souls and for peace, deliverance, protection, healing and good health in the family, community, and country.   

More humility, kindness and gentleness, in heart and speech.

More trust, unwavering and always faithful, to the One True Living God, who loves us with an everlasting love.

Just more of Jesus, our Savior, our all in all. From the moment we awake in the morning, to the time that we close our eyes again in slumber at night – we pray for more of Him: in our minds, hearts, speech, acts, and steps.


Artwork by: Hannah Peru

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