Simple Joys

I believe that underneath the poor health and physical inabilities and constraints, there still lie God’s gifts. These physical constraints, though not desired, could be turned by the gracious God into avenues for us to appreciate life more. These make us slow down to live in the present moment and savor life, a gift strong and busy people often miss.

With my own physical constraints  (remnants of my illness), I’ve learned to find joy even in the simplest of things and activities. I’ve learned to live in the moment’s strength, in the moment’s grace, and in long rests with short prayers in-between. These moments that are full of God’s mercy and grace make life so meaningful and precious.

Last Christmas, I’ve found the strength and inspiration to bake and cook again. I wanted to do it for my two precious jewels. With prayers whispered before and during the processes, I whisked the mixture for the chocolate caramel bars that I knew they would love.

Mixing the base for the chocolate caramel bar.

Pouring the caramel on the brownie base, with assistance.

The cut chocolate caramel bars, oozing with caramel goodness from all sides.

Each step a true labor of love.

Dark, gooey heap.

A blessed sight: moment of grace.

The gruyere souffle was intricate, and the process has become a real sacrifice.

Adding the gruyere cheese to the souffle.

Mixing in the egg whites.

The gruyere souffle. God is gracious in every moment of our life.

Our family's homegrown pizza recipe: anchovies, black olives, basil, whole tomatoes, and mozzarella on tortilla.

With the ultra thin pizza, my daughter helped out. We’ve done it together many times in the past and the activity had always been joyous. That is the purpose of what we do: to find simple joy in every crevice of this hard and complex thing called life.

Four whole pizzas gone with only this piece remaining. I'm reserving it for her.

God’s grace comes in unexpected places at unexpected times. Just keep our hearts open.

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