My Son’s Birthday: A Celebration of Two Lives

Our redeemed lives are all about God and for His glory: encouraging testimonies of His amazing grace, boundless love, and enduring mercies, and inspiring stories of His wonders, healing miracles, and comforting words.

Even every one that is called by my name: for I HAVE CREATED HIM FOR MY GLORY… (Isaiah 43:7, emphasis added)

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. (1 Cor. 6:20)

In fact, the Lord fills me with so much inspiration I feel like bursting at the seams! And there’s no other way but to share the overflow.

Last Saturday, Dec. 4, we celebrated our son Timothy’s 3rd birthday with a simple kids’ party in our garden. But in my heart, the celebration runs deeper than that, for we were actually celebrating two lives: his and mine.

When the Lord put him in my womb in early 2007, I was still recovering from the illness I had in 2003 which almost took my life, and I was still waiting for my complete healing.  I still got fatigued easily. (My recovery was long but I trusted in God completely all the way and did not hope in medical help. From being bed-ridden to being able to walk short distances and travel to nearby provinces in 2006, was indeed, a miracle).

Although this was my health condition, my faith in the Lord Jesus far exceeded my fears and misgivings, except when the hour to deliver my baby was approaching. Because then, I couldn’t think beyond it. It was at that time that my desire to live was at its greatest.

In the hospital, the morning I was to be taken to the OR for a C-section (I delivered my first baby in 2001 via CS), my lady anesthesiologist visited me. I spent that time testifying to her how the Lord had been so merciful to me – saving and healing me.

In the OR while I was groggy with anesthesia and waiting for surgery, my throat and mouth were so arid they felt like cardboard. I couldn’t swallow. That really scared me. One of my difficulties in my illness then was always having a dry throat and mouth that a jug of water never left my side. The meds they gave me for the procedure aggravated that, but I couldn’t have a sip of water, only a damp cotton pressed on my lips. My heart was very painful it felt like it was being wrenched out of its place, I was actually wondering why I was still alive. But my mind was glorifying God, saying “Halleluia! Praise the Lord!” over and over…

When I woke up in the Recovery Room, my blood pressure went up, the nurses gathered around me to help… (All this time, my beloved husband was in our room praying and fasting).

When I was brought back to our room, I was too weak I was almost motionless and  was always asleep. My husband whispered that he had seen our baby and he was very healthy. That was the time my memory returned and I realized I delivered a baby! He also whispered that a beloved preacher from our Church texted him that the workers in the Pastoral House, led by our dearly beloved pastor and his beloved children, continue to fast and pray for my safety. My heart surged in overwhelming gratitude!

The surgery was Wednesday. Friday, I tried to sit on a chair beside the bed, but when I went back to the bed, I had tachycardia. The nurse went to get oxygen connector. I uttered in my mind Halleluia! Praise the Lord! non-stop. When the nurse returned, my heartbeat was back to normal.

We were allowed to go home Saturday, but I requested to stay for another day in the hospital to rest, for I couldn’t sit in the wheelchair for a long time. The enemy whispered that I wouldn’t be leaving that place anymore, but I rebuked him and told him that if my life were taken on our journey home, we’ll still be going home and nothing can stop us.

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. (Psalm 118:17) 

Hope you enjoy these snapshots of our simple celebration of God’s mercy coming from very grateful hearts:

The birthday boy. Balloons are his favorite.
Prepping for the games.
Jumping and snatching prizes from the “pabitin” (a rack of hanging prizes that is lowered down then pulled up again).
A shower of chocolates and candies from the “pinata”.
An empty (but happy!) pinata Barney.

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